Observatoire Gouvernance et Paix (OGP)

Observatoire Gouvernance et Paix (OGP)

République Démocratique du Congo, province du Sud-Kivu, commune d’Ibanda

94/B Avenu du Gouverneur

+243 811716075, +243 994541218





OGP is a non-governmental organization of non-profit Congolese law.  Headquartered in the province of South Kivu in the city of Bukavu, where it has been established since 2003.

The OGP in the exercise of its mission, it strives for the minerals extract from the Democratic Republic of Congo to be free from human rights abuses, corruption and free of any conflict.  As well as the promotion of good practices by the security services.To achieve this, it develops a series of approaches, including:

  • Local support for neighboring communities;
  • Capacity building of actors in the supply chain;
  • Equity research;
  • The pleas;
  • Promoting a constructive dialogue between different actors (civil society, public actors  and private sector). 

The OGP is inclusive, which is why it binds itself in the logic of multi actor action for the attainment of some of these objectives, to do this it works in collaboration with the public and private sector actors, unions and other interest groups. We are also part of several dialogue groups at both national and international level. The following may be cited in this regard:

  •  OECD MSG on due diligence for supply chains responsible for minerals;
  • National Working Group on Voluntary Principles;

Currently we are part of the dynamics of the promotion of voluntary principles on security, human rights, in the DRC and mainly in South Kivu, where we animate a multi-actor working group on voluntary principles, safety and security, and human rights in the mining sector.  The voluntary principle forces us to focus on the interaction with public security and private security.