Prisoners’ Rehabilitation And Welfare Action (PRAWA)

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Prisoners’ Rehabilitation and Welfare Action [PRAWA] is a Non- governmental Organization aimed at promoting Security, Justice and Development in Africa. It was established in 1994 and in 1998 it secured Observer Status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Right. The vision of PRAWA is the emergence of ‘a humane and secure Society that corrects and empowers to prevent Crime, Violence and Torture. The organization mission statement is to promote institutional reforms in formal and informal sector for access to justice, torture Victims and youths at Risk.The organization has three major programme components namely-

  • Security and Justice Sector Reform
  • Rehabilitation and Social Development
  • Research and Documentation

The organization utilizes the following strategies in the implementation of its programme activities:  training and capacity building, research and advocacy, human rights monitoring,rehabilitation,care and direct support services to prisoners, ex-prisoners, torture victims, youth at risk and their families and community engagement.

PRAWA currently has 128 staffs made up of 29 full time staffs and 109 part time,volunteer/associate staff of which 45 are paralegals. The organization has a 7 member governing Board. The strength of the organization rest on its multidisciplinary team and wealth of knowledge in research , policy and and practice in the field as well as its ability to engage both formal and informal sector in its implementation of innovative and high impacts interventions spanning over two and half decades. The organization has since its inception trained over 50,000 prison officers, police officers and other justice practitioners. It has also provided direct support service and rehabilitation to over 108,000 prisoners ,ex-prisoners, youths at Risks, torture victims and their families with over 69 publications on the field of prisons, justice, security sector, torture and Social development.