Centre for Mmadu on Human Rights (C4M)

1 Ironze street, Upper Meniru, Enugu



Centre For Mmadu (C4M) is a non-governmental, human rights organization, determined to see a Nigeria Where all Nigerians are treated equally and accorded their deserved right to dignity in a manner that emphasizes their worth. To achieve this, she promotes the entrenchment of dignity as the inherent right of all and the foundation of all other human rights in the law making, law interpretation and law implementation processes.

C4M views discriminatory, inhuman and degrading policies, laws and customs as evidence of disregard for the right to dignity. She carries on research, creates awareness, campaigns against them, encourages victims to demand for their rights and provides services like capacity building, empowerment as well as taking up legal representation in courts.

In all these, her principal goal is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of Nigerians, enabling them live fulfilling lives.