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Global Rights is an international human rights and governance capacity-building non-governmental organization. Our vision is to forge a just society for all, built on the universal principles of human rights and guaranteed by access to justice. By challenging injustice and amplifying the voices of grassroots activists to promote, protect, and fulfill human rights, we continually progress in achieving this vision.

For over 20 years, we have worked to build the capacity of underserved communities in Nigeria. Our programs specifically work on Equitable Resources Governance and Human Rights, Security and Human Rights, and Civic Space Strengthening. Mandatorily, women’s rights, access to remedies, and inclusion of persons with disability, are focal threads woven through the fabrics of all our programs.

At the heart of our work are programs that foster human rights culture, advocates good governance while addressing governance failures that exacerbate the disenfranchisement and the violations of the rights of the poor and marginalized, women and victims of discrimination. We ceaselessly engage thought leaders and build platforms for constructive stakeholder dialogues and access to remedies.

Our Equitable Resource Governance program aims at protecting the earth’s vital resources, habitats, human habitation and promoting decent livelihoods for host communities. Our Security and Human Rights Program which is well acclaimed on the continent, works with vulnerable groups and communities to demand accountability of the actors (including security forces) in the theatres of conflict, and ensure that the rights of citizens are promoted and protected. Nigeria’s civic space has continued to shrink, especially with the passage of the new Companies and Allied Matters Act which

had several provisions inimical to organized civil society. We therefore began to build coalitions and advocacy around this law and other draconian legislations that the government proposes.

Global Rights is guided by a strong commitment to equality and diversity to build social and legal change that is long-term and sustainable.